Basic question 1 - Traffic

Herbert Eppel
Tue Sep 27 14:22:00 GMT 2005

On 27.09.2005 15:07 UK Time, Fergus Daly wrote:
>>	startx -- -screen 0 1200 900 # your startup
> Does this give you a xterm terminal and a xterm prompt, at which you
> start your Strathclyde stuff?

Yes, it gives me an X environment (with a console and 2 X terminals) as 
specified in my .xinitrc file

>>Does the quite mode you mentioned fit in here somewhere?
> I'm sorry, I don't use startx, with or without arguments. But I do
> notice that if at the bash prompt I try 
> 	startx # no arguments

As an aside, if I use startx without arguments the process kind of 
crashes (i.e. no X environment is set up). I'm not sure, but I suspect 
this is because I have a 2-monitor setup, and the system perhaps gets a 
little confused without arguments.

> then this generates a lot of gunk amongst which I find the line
> 	XWin was started ...

Same here.

> and at the end of which I have one xterm window (not the 3 that your
> .xinitrc creates: do you need 3, or indeed any?)

Not really, but it's what I'm kind of used to :-)

> So my rather unhelpful response isn't (I'm afraid) "tweak your existing
> startup protocol to include the switch -nolisten local" because I don't
> know how to do this, I'm sorry. But you could try
> 	bash # to start bash
> 	$ run XWin -nolisten local # at the bash prompt
> 	$ ps # to check you've got a running XWin
> 	$ xterm -display localhost:0.0 # to get your xterm terminal with
> prompt, if needed
> 	$ {whatever, to start the Strathclyde stuff}
> and see whether you end up with what you are familiar with AND it's
> quiet?

I might try that, thanks, although on the other hand it isn't really 
such a big issue because the 'ZoneAlarm noise level' is rather moderate 
really - I was just curious about what is going on.

> Sorry, probably not very helpful. (IKWWFMATWID, meaning "I know what
> works for me and that's what I do", pronounced I Don't Give A Toss About
> Anybody Else. Not in fact true, but it might as well be ...)

I know it's not true, otherwise you wouldn't have responded in the first 
place :-)


Herbert Eppel

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