Basic question 1 - Traffic

Herbert Eppel
Tue Sep 27 05:30:00 GMT 2005

On 27.09.2005 06:18 UK Time, Jack Tanner wrote:
> Herbert Eppel wrote:
>> No doubt this is a very basic question, and I'm not sure whether it is 
>> really a question for this group or whether I should direct it to the 
>> authors and/or user group of the ESP-r software, but I wonder whether 
>> someone could shed some light on why Cygwin/X (or perhaps it is just 
>> the individual components of the ESP-r software I am running?) 
>> triggers ZoneAlarm access permission alerts and generates constant 
>> internet traffic (or perhaps only 'trusted zone' traffic?) as 
>> indicated by ZoneAlarm?
> Chances are that you're seeing Cygwin/X connect to itself via TCP. This 
> is normal.

Hi Jack,

thanks for your reply. I don't really understand why Cygwin/X needs to 
connect to itself, but it seems a likely explanation for the traffic I 
am seeing.

> Furthermore, Zone Alarm is a source of problems for many Cygwin/X users. 
> The two are known to conflict. See 

I don't actually have a problem with ZoneAlarm, I was just curious about 
why the various components of the ESP-r software I am using (and indeed 
some external ones that came bundled with that software, for example 
xv.exe) triggered a one-off ZoneAlarm access permission alert when they 
were launched for the first time (they are now listed in ZoneAlarm's 
list of programs). Can you offer further enlightenment here, or would 
the ESP-r user list a more appropriate forum for this question?

Thank you.

Herbert Eppel

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