Basic question 1 - Traffic

Jack Tanner
Tue Sep 27 05:21:00 GMT 2005

Herbert Eppel wrote:
> No doubt this is a very basic question, and I'm not sure whether it is 
> really a question for this group or whether I should direct it to the 
> authors and/or user group of the ESP-r software, but I wonder whether 
> someone could shed some light on why Cygwin/X (or perhaps it is just the 
> individual components of the ESP-r software I am running?) triggers 
> ZoneAlarm access permission alerts and generates constant internet 
> traffic (or perhaps only 'trusted zone' traffic?) as indicated by 
> ZoneAlarm?

Chances are that you're seeing Cygwin/X connect to itself via TCP. This 
is normal.

Furthermore, Zone Alarm is a source of problems for many Cygwin/X users. 
The two are known to conflict. See

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