Pseudo Colors on Solaris

Brian Willis
Thu Sep 22 13:51:00 GMT 2005

I had this very same problem with HP.  The way I got around it was to 
start a X session in fullscreen mode with the windowmanager of your 
choice in 8 bit color.  Not a sexy solution, but it worked.  For us it's 
only for a few apps.

Brian Willis
> Greetings
> A little more info.  I can very the color numbers in rgb.txt and the
> colors in my xterm windows will change.  :)
> The colors in my solaris window do not change.  :(  I used an app that
> came with AutoIT to verify colors in the windows.  When I slide the
> mouse over something red in a xterm window the app showed me the color
> number.  I can change the '255 0 0' in rgb.txt to '255 40 40' and the
> app will show '255 40 40'.  But in the solaris window, '255 0 0' always
> reads '255 0 0' no mater what I change in rgb.txt. 
> Am I shooting in the right (or left) direction or do xwindow calls from
> an outside unix box not use color maps or settings on the localhost?
> Thanks for any direction or kind words.
> Jb
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