Pseudo Colors on Solaris
Mon Sep 19 19:54:00 GMT 2005

I am new to CYGWIN (having used exceed for years) but have been studying
it very intently for weeks now.
  I am having trouble getting a Sun Solaris screen to render correctly.
It uses 8bpp pseudo.  If I run xwin normally, I get a very dark screen
(like the backlight is out on my LCD).  If I set xwin to use 256 colors
in the compatibility tab, my XP desktop drops to 8bpp and I can see my
Solaris screen but the colors are all wrong (white is red, red is red,
blue is green, ...).  Xwininfo.exe claims it is Pseudo color.   I tested
MI/X for a while using the same compatible settings.  I got the same
results with the exception of the colors were right on my Solaris
screens (mostly).
While searching the mailing list I see the last entries containing
pseudo color also talk about "xwinemu2", is this the fix for this?  I
have searched for this file but can not find it (nether can my best
friend 'Google').
I have also tried setting -cc, -co, -engine, ... with no luck or maybe I
just don't know the correct numbers to feed them.
Any help or pointers would be greatly appreciated.  (Maybe some of my
hair will grow back  ; })
James Bassett
IT Analyst Sr.
Enterprise IT Support
0401 MLSES Plant
Office 903836-6257
Cell     903235-7915
MCSE  (NT4 & W2K)

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