Large memory usage by XWin.exe

L. D. Marks
Sun Sep 18 15:15:00 GMT 2005

We have a (big) application which, among other things, does some analysis 
of images. We've noticed that when we open large pictures (4kx4k) and display 
then (part only on the screen) XWin is using a reasonably large chunk of 
memory, about 180M. This can lead to some user problems unless the CPU has 
a pretty large RAM, > 1G, because this seems to trigger some paging and 
things can get rather slow.

I'd very much appreciate any suggestions about how to reduce the memory 
usage, assuming that this is not something intrinsic to the server (which 
would also be good to know).

Note: if you have an old email address for me, please note that "nwu" has
been changed to "northwestern".
Laurence Marks
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