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If the Subject line looks strange It's my guess at getting a
'references' line into this - I've noticed that moast replies have one,
but I have to admit defeat in finding out how its done. No doubt the
answer will be obvious once pointed out....

Ref Dan's comment>>  FYI - I'm using Zone Alarm Pro 5.5.062 with Cygwin
without any problems. 

I was on this level until a few weeks ago when I upgraded to 6.0 - so
this may have gone backwards. There is a recent update to 6.0, but due
to a gotcha with the Cicsco VPN client having to be installed after ZA,
I have put this off. Maybe this patch will let Cygwin work. Maybe it's
the combination of Cicsco VPN and ZA that actually upsets Cygwin. Might
be the phase of the moon... We live in interesting times

John Ormerod
erebor limited

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