Page Up and Page Down

Mike Hicks
Fri Sep 16 18:19:00 GMT 2005

I have what appears to be a plain US 104-key keyboard manufactured
by/for Compaq.  Using xterm, when I press the Pg Up key on the number
keypad, I get the character sequence ^[[5~ and I get ^[[6~ for Pg Dn
(^[ is actually a single character, escape).  However, the Page Up and
Page Down keys in that middle section between the number pad and main
keyboard area produce different sequences, ^[Or and ^[Ou respectively.
 On my Linux box at home, I believe xterm always produces ^[[5~ and

I also use PuTTYcyg []
to use the Cygwin command line (since the Windows Command Prompt
window royally sucks).  It produces ^[[5~ and ^[[6~ for everything.
(By the way, if you're at a command prompt, you can see what the shell
is seeing by typing ^V prior to pressig the key.)
Anyway, I've looked through the app-defaults for xterm, and haven't
found anything obvious, so this must be hidden somewhere else.  I'm
not aware of anything I might have changed to cause this to happen. 
It is problematic, since vim expects the sequence produced by the
keypad buttons, rather than the ones produced by the middle keys. 
TERM is set to 'xterm' in both xterm and PuTTYcyg.

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