Emacs problem after rebaseall: some progresses?

Harald Joerg harald.joerg@fujitsu-siemens.com
Fri Sep 16 09:42:00 GMT 2005

Angelo Graziosi <Angelo.Graziosi@roma1.infn.it> writes:

> As you can see in the mailing lists, I have posted this question
> a few times.
> Now I have discovered somethings at which you can give a more adeguate 
> answer.
> The problem is that after "rebaseall" Emacs does not works, it takes 
> all the CPU and its window does not appear so that one can only kill
> its process.
> After the new release of rebase-2.4-1, the problem remains 
>                            BUT
> this time reinstalling, with "setup", ONLY the
> package libncurses7 (whose current release is 5.3-4), 
> EMACS works again!
> Rebasing all and then reinstalling a package that has just rebased :
> is it a valid procedure? 
> Or should one expect that some other application does not work any more?

Actually, I don't have an idea if this is a valid procedure.  And to
be honest, at this moment I don't even care.

But today I ran into the same problem - and your trick just works for
me, too.

Many many thanks for posting this workaround.  I guess it took you
some hours to detect libncurses7 as a key component, but you certainly
saved me the pain to try to re-install all cygwin.

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