Is my X Server not fully started? (Rel: - results

Cary Jamison
Thu Sep 15 19:13:00 GMT 2005

John Ormerod wrote:
> Reid
> I did as you requested - see below.
> BTW, there is a delay of 3-4 seconds for cmds like 'ps -ef'. Is this
> normal? (Thinkpad T41 with 2Gb RAM)
>>> Open a cygwin bash shell, using cygwin.bat.
> I did this from cmd prompt. It appeared to be stuck for what seemed a
> long time - though maybe it was actually between 30-60 secs. Then the
> prompt came alive and resized itself.

If you are seeing delays of 30-60 seconds just starting cygwin, I would 
start with trying to figure that out before moving on the the problems with 
X.  Your unresponsive X server may be stuck on whatever is causing cygwin to 
delay starting up.

I don't understand what you mean "the prompt came alive and resized itslef." 
The cygwin shell shouldn't be resizing itself when you just open it up.

Perhaps try asking about this on the main cygwin list.


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