persistent DISPLAY variable

Bob B
Thu Sep 15 16:05:00 GMT 2005

I have been using Cygwin XFree for several years now and it has worked 
great. I mainly use it on Windows using XWin -ac -query or 
similar to connect via XDMCP. This has been working great.

I am quite experienced in X and Unix and know many of the X config files. At 
least I thought I did!

Lately, my hostname seems to have been changed here at work and my PC now 
has a new hostname than it has had for the past few years. Consequently, I 
am unable to make XWin connect as it used to. I get an "Unable to open 
display oldhostname:0.0" message. My problem is that for the life of me I 
can not see where it could be getting "oldhostname" from. I have grepped 
every file I can think of under the Cygwin installation - in my home 
directory and all over and I can not find this name anywhere. I searched the 
Windows registry and do not see it. I do not see it set in Windows variables 
or Cygwin variables. I have repeatedly checked the DISPLAY variable and it 
is either not defined at all or I set it manually. If I define it manually 
in Cygwin before invoking XWin, XWin *still* tries to open a display at 
"oldhostname:0.0", not "newhostname:0.0". I've looked in files in Cygwin's 
/etc directory and can't find any reference to "oldhostname".

As I recall, did XWin previously automagically set the DISPLAY variable? I 
just have an icon on my XP destop that has the properties Xwin -ac -query 
machineA. In XP there is no DISPLAY variable set. I do not see where XWin 
used to get the DISPLAY variable from. Is there a config file I am 
forgetting about?

I am not using startx.bat or starxwin.bat or anything else. Just a direct 
invocation of Xwin.exe. But somehow Xwin.exe seems to be trying to open a 
DISPLAY at oldhostname:0.0 rather than newhostname:0.0 no matter what I do. 
Can anyone help me out or point me in the right direction?


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