Is my X Server not fully started (Rel:

Jack Tanner
Thu Sep 15 15:46:00 GMT 2005

John Ormerod wrote:
> The X icon in the system tray does not respond to any mouse clicks.

Weird. This one is beyond me.

> I also wonder if the 'xterm' should open an xterm window in Windows? It
> doesn't.

It should, once Xwin.exe (which also produces the X icon) is running.

> FWIW, my windows PATH is 897 bytes when %xxx% symbolics are resolved. So
> when the .bat scripts append to the front it may be getting to whatever
> limit Windows has these days, or a possible limit that Cygwin can handle.

If you suspect PATH length may be an issue, try abbreviating it as a 
test (i.e., cut out a huge chunk of the directories it points to, and 
try Cygwin/X again). I doubt this is related, though.

Does anyone know if Cygwin and Cygwin/X have been tested under VMware?

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