Can't display remote clients

Soong, SylokeJ
Thu Sep 15 14:05:00 GMT 2005

When I first downloaded and installed cygwin
my ulterior motive was - "if there are free
complex stuffs like FTP servers, J2EE servers,
Java IDEs, etc, there must be a free piece of
software for X/Win on Windows." My ulterior
was, where I would prove to those charging an
arm and some toes and yet would not do a proper
job in what they sell.

But to my dismay, cygwin as installed would
not work. It kept giving me "cygwin1.dll not
found". Some two months later I made another
attempt. Somehow, somewhere, somewhat, the
installation went as smoothly as sailboat
gliding down the calm Casco Bay on a warm
summer day.

My impression was my success was due to my
visiting a till now yet unrecallable site
which preset all the download choices so that
it knew that my motive was to use X/win. Don't
you hate it after a PC shop (which should remain
nameless) had acquired a venerable mini-
mainframe shop (which too should remain unnamed
but whose founder once berated that the
difference between Unix and his venerable
system was the dismally small number of shelves
it takes to house all of Unix manuals) - that
when I tried to access some information on the
acquiree's product, the links point me to the
acquirer's site, which in turn pointed me back
to the acquiree web site. Not directly but,
going through the pretense of navigating a few
links before lopping the ball back-and-forth
onto each other's court. Fortunately, that
PC shop was itself later acquired by a more
coherently customer-focused company.

This convoluted and obsfuscating email
illustrate my frustration getting information
and education about how to set up cygwin
properly. That when setting up to use
cygwin/X-Free, my proper attitude should
be - it is cygwin that I am setting up and
X-Free is a beneficial ported software. There
might be, but it is not within my ineffable
capability to find a unified coherent
instructional site on cygwin applications.
Despite the fact that not having cygwin/X,
cygwin is nearly useless for most people,
who seems to have similar motivation
(or mismotivation) to mine. In my opinion,
the orthogonality maintained between cygwin
information and cygwin/X information is an
unhelpful myth for participants like myself.

But I have to bear in mind, that cygwin
presents itself to me as a loosely
confederated people like me, unlike the
more tight-knit Tomcat, Eclipse or NetBeans
projects with major interest sponsors behind
them. On the other hand in cygwin, probably
but not necessarily and not limited to people
struggling between embattled personal lives
and enthusiasm for communal software.

Bearing in mind, therefore, it is therefore
not free ware. It costs me to find and look
and experiment. Therefore, I recommend that
the confederation of cygwin users and porters
collaborate to maintain a dependency chart
page - which shows for example, if I wanted
cygwin/X, what modules could be recommended
selected when running setup.exe.

Also, many emails seem to point to the
confusion between an XDM and an XWM. That
people installed cygwin/X but their xterms
and xclock just piled up unmoveably at the
top left corner of the X frame. This amount
of confusion does point to a need for a
more unified web site and cygwin organisation.
If you (the venerable leaders of cygwin, i.e.)
agree and need help, "hineni".

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Apologies if I'm pumping out too much information on my problems. Have gone
through the User Guide in search of inspiration.

At the end in the section on Displaying Remote Clients - Telnet, I thought
I'd found a possibility - sadly no. However, the results might provide a cue
as to why my install / system is failing to work.

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