Is my X Server not fully started (Rel:

John Ormerod
Thu Sep 15 08:05:00 GMT 2005

See below.

Jack Tanner wrote:
 John Ormerod wrote: 

	I get the X icon showing in the system tray, but it's 'dead'. By
which I
	mean there I no context menu for it - I get the impression from
	around that there should be a menu... even if only to stop it. 
	If I let the mouse pointer hover over it, the tool tip says:
Cygwin/X Server
	- 0:0

The icon in the system tray is supposed to react to two inputs:
- a double-click with the left mouse button should trigger the "Exit" dialog
- a right-click should pop up a menu that is trivially simple until
customized with an xwinrc file.

Does yours react to neither? 


The X icon in the system tray does not respond to any mouse clicks.
Currently this was started from within the bash shell as requested by Reid.

I also wonder if the 'xterm' should open an xterm window in Windows? It

FWIW, my windows PATH is 897 bytes when %xxx% symbolics are resolved. So
when the .bat scripts append to the front it may be getting to whatever
limit Windows has these days, or a possible limit that Cygwin can handle.

Regards, John 

John Ormerod
erebor limited

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