Is my X Servier not fully started (Rel:

John Ormerod
Wed Sep 14 17:05:00 GMT 2005

I've been struggling all day in what is a new world for me. I need to have
GUI access to a Linux system that runs in a VMWare image in my Win XP + SP2
I downloaded the X11 package which I think contains what I require, and let
it install.

I am unable to get an X window (is that the right term?) to open in Windows.
This seems to be a very common problem from my searches. However, I would
like to establish first if the X Server is starting properly.

I get the X icon showing in the system tray, but it's 'dead'. By which I
mean there I no context menu for it - I get the impression from reading
around that there should be a menu... even if only to stop it. 

If I let the mouse pointer hover over it, the tool tip says: Cygwin/X Server
- 0:0

The only way I have found to end this is via the Task Mgr - I see 3
processes: Xwin.exe, xterm.exe, xkbcomp.exe, which  I kill one by one. This
doesn't seem right to me. Hence this question.

I started X Server using startxwin.bat. Researching via Google, I removed
some options to end up with "run XWin -multiwindow"

Here is the XWin.log - that might show that initialisation has not
completed, or a problem during startup.

If this is working as designed, then I'd like to know of a smarter way to
stop it, and I'll join a long list of people who seem to have initial
problems in getting a Unix system to open an X window in Windows (and yes, I
have tried stopping my firewall).

Welcome to the XWin X Server
Vendor: The Cygwin/X Project


XWin was started with the following command line:

/usr/X11R6/bin/XWin -multiwindow 

ddxProcessArgument - Initializing default screens
winInitializeDefaultScreens - w 1024 h 768
winInitializeDefaultScreens - Returning
_XSERVTransmkdir: Cannot create /tmp/.X11-unix with root ownership
(II) XF86Config is not supported
(II) See for more information
(==) FontPath set to
winAdjustVideoModeShadowGDI - Using Windows display depth of 32 bits per
winAllocateFBShadowGDI - Creating DIB with width: 1024 height: 768 depth: 32
winInitVisualsShadowGDI - Masks 00ff0000 0000ff00 000000ff BPRGB 8 d 24 bpp
null screen fn ReparentWindow
null screen fn RestackWindow
InitQueue - Calling pthread_mutex_init
InitQueue - pthread_mutex_init returned
InitQueue - Calling pthread_cond_init
InitQueue - pthread_cond_init returned
winInitMultiWindowWM - Hello
winInitMultiWindowWM - Calling pthread_mutex_lock ()
winMultiWindowXMsgProc - Hello
winMultiWindowXMsgProc - Calling pthread_mutex_lock ()
MIT-SHM extension disabled due to lack of kernel support
XFree86-Bigfont extension local-client optimization disabled due to lack of
shared memory support in the kernel
(--) Setting autorepeat to delay=500, rate=31
(--) winConfigKeyboard - Layout: "00000809" (00000809) 
(--) Using preset keyboard for "English (United Kingdom)" (809), type "4"

Thanks in advance, regards John
John Ormerod
erebor limited

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