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Colin Harrison colin.harrison@virgin.net
Sun Sep 4 18:17:00 GMT 2005

Joe Krahn wrote:

> When I use the CVS defaults, only multi-window mode is built, so I didn't
see the #ifdef XWIN_MULTIWINDOW code compiled. Why is only one version
built? Is it rootless mode that gets excluded?

Mystery to me..the code is loaded with many ifdef's, the use of which is
probably 'just-in-case' legacy stuff.
Loosing a few as things are changed is maybe a good idea now.

I only use GLX built versions and:- 

start Xwin :%DISNO% -emulate3buttons -multiwindow -clipboard
-silent-dup-error -clipupdates 5 -fp tcp/%XFT%:7100 -xkbmodel pc105
-xkblayout g


start Xwin :%DISNO% -notrayicon -lesspointer -screen 0 1024x768+125+100
-query %XFT% -emulate3buttons -fp tcp/%XFT%:7100 -xkbmodel pc105 -xkblayout

where XFT is a linux font server
and DISTNO is the display 0,1,3 etc

So my coding and testing tends not to stray beyond these uses, locales or
into 'unix' window managers. All my X windows are also from remote linux
clients (typically without graphics cards). Using bugzilla may mop up a few
people with broader needs. I've also noticed that recent xorg tree changes
blow us out of the water..I just had a problem with Xming loosing xkb stuff
for instance, so Xwin changes can be driven from 'outside' this list's
scope, even if we change nothing!

Colin Harrison

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