Icon update .diff

Joe Krahn jkrahn@nc.rr.com
Sun Sep 4 17:51:00 GMT 2005

Colin Harrison wrote:
> Hi,
> All your diffs seem to work almost correctly (see below), but still testing.
> In windialogs.c:-
> Also had to remove the conditional on XWIN_MULTIWINDOW to get X icons
It looks like that part of the code was #ifdef'ed out for 
XWIN_MULTIWINDOW. The intent was to use the two global overridable X 
icons for multiwindow mode, and get icons from the resources for other 
build modes.

Maybe the multi-window mode needs to revert to resource icons if the 
global icons being undefined. I had set an override icon.

As for Bugzilla, I would like to get a few more icon features tested, 
but maybe it's best to get bug-fixes sent in before trying enhancements.

When I use the CVS defaults, only multi-window mode is built, so I 
didn't see the #ifdef XWIN_MULTIWINDOW code compiled. Why is only one 
version built? Is it rootless mode that gets excluded?


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