Icon update .diff

Joe Krahn jkrahn@nc.rr.com
Sun Sep 4 04:10:00 GMT 2005

I didn't get around to finishing ARGB type icons yet, but here's some 
related patches for MultiWindow mode.

See icon_and_class.diff at http://joekrahn.homelinux.com/XWin/

The code was changed to use a single Window class for all windows. Icon 
changes are sent to the Window instead of changing Class icons (much 
more reliable).

With custom icons, the small icon is left undefined. MS-Windows will 
generate the small one for us. This will change with NET_WM_ICON 
support, which can define multiple icons.

The horizontal-line mask problem is fixed. This came from using 32-bit 
aligne bitmap data, but creating device-dependent bitmaps which are 
16-bit aligned.


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