Facename fonts vs XLFD fonts

Brian Willis Brian.Willis@noaa.gov
Fri Sep 2 21:00:00 GMT 2005

I have an application that by default looks for the Facename font
ncenb14.  I can over ride the setting by using the Xdefaults and
specifying the XLFD (X Logical Font Description) instead.  While this
works, it's not the ideal situation.  I would rather it just found the
Facename name by default.  This application's fonts work fine when you
run it from a Linux or HP console, but not when forwarded back to Cygwin.

I tested with xterm to make sure that it could find the font name.  When
I used the -fn switch it wouldn't find the xcenb14 font, but when I used
the -fa it would.  Is there a way to make Cygwin look at the Facename
and the XLFD?

I tried finding some documentation on how X uses fonts and searches for
them but really couldn't find much.  If anyone has some really good
references, let me know also.

Brian Willis
OHD System Admin

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