How to have more than one X display?

Soong, SylokeJ
Fri Sep 2 20:07:00 GMT 2005

It's the IDE mindset.
I have two/more projects whose windows I prefer to be completely segregated.
I could use wmaker multiple desktops to achieve that.

However, I prefer a complete segregation. Especially when it involves
two versions of the same project. Need to prevent myself from
inadvertently moving a window onto another desktop. The files of
the two versions would be of such similarity that I had edited one
version with modification intended for another. Rootless would
excercebate (how the h*** do you spell this!) that.

My dream xdm:
Tabs to separate multiple X screens. Like a multi-desktop but
the tabs are managed by xdm not xwm. I know I am cluttering my
X?M terminology. I mean, xwin=xdm, wmaker=xwm.

I'm sorry I'm not aware what RANDR is and therefore am a little
blurry-eyed about that.

I'm not sure if Reflection has its configured but uninvoked
screen as actually an active window parked far off into the
edges of the galaxy. But my impression feels it is not so, as I
had not found it in process/window listing utility I once ran.

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[]On Behalf Of Joe Krahn
... In Reflection, is the 2nd screen 'live' but not 
always visible?

But, why have two actual screens instead of one large virtual screen?
If you don't want to lose your WIn32 desktop space, why not go rootless 
or MultiWIndow mode?

If you want the X desktop space, it would probably be possible to use 
RANDR to allow dynamic resizing of one screen to fill one or both Win32 

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