Joe Krahn
Fri Sep 2 18:01:00 GMT 2005

Soong, SylokeJ wrote:
> When I first installed Cygwin/X and tried,
> I ran into the same puzzlement, if not panic.
> All the xterms and xclock I started were heaped
> into the same corner, intransigently unmoveable.
> (The sun shall not strike thee, nor the moon by
> night and your feet will not be moved, as though).
> Then I recalled, hmm ....
> There is an X Display Server and then
> there is an X Display Manager.
> I think. I'm sure I have not confused the
> terminology.
Almost right: the Windows are managed by thw Window Manager, sort of 
like iexplore.exe in Windows, with the X Display Server being like Win32 

The X Display Manager is actually access control, the log-in prompt on 
X-based systems.

> So I looked into the startxwin files and was as
> assured to find twm (which I guessed correctly is
> an X display mgr) commented out.
> I uncommented it and when XWin restarted
> my xterms and xclock were moveable.
> But I didn't like twm because the extremity of my
> X habits tends to pile up lots of windows
> and would have me a hard time searching for them
> without a desktop window locater. Which led me
> to install wmaker.
Actually, the MultiWindow mode is nicer; it wraps windows to be managed 
by the native Win32 window manager, and also gets rid of the "extra 
desktop" root window.

> Or get a little more screwy,
> start x server on my laptop cygwin,
> throw wmaker from my win2k box to my laptop,
> login to sun box and throw xterms to my laptop.
Sure, that would work just fine. X is well-designed enough to do such 
things, even if the remote host has a different binary format. You'll 
never see that from MS...

Joe Krahn

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