Cygwin/X and 64-bit Windows

Brian Dessent
Thu Sep 1 21:51:00 GMT 2005

Nathan Heck wrote:

> Is Cygwin/X compatible with 64-bit Windows? I checked the website and help
> documents but this does not appear to be addressed anywhere.
> I have installed Cygwin/X in several of our labs each time configuring it the
> same way and it works beautifully in our labs with 32-bit windows but not a
> single machine using 64-bit windows will work. I have attached the Xwin.log
> in hopes that you may be able to make more sense of the errors then I was
> able to.

I don't know what the official status of 64 bit support is.  The second
paragraph on the main home page says that only 32 bit
versions of windows are supported.  However, you may find that it does
in fact work in 64 bit windows as there have been some recent fixes in
that area.  You will, however, have to use a snapshot since some of
these fixes have been done recently.


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