Joe Krahn jkrahn@nc.rr.com
Thu Sep 1 12:47:00 GMT 2005

Joe Krahn wrote:
> It looks like can go from a device dependent X Pixmap (DDPixmap) to a 
> device dependent Win32 bitmap (DDBitmap), then use Windows functions to 
> scale when needed. This can only work if pixel data formats are the same 
> between Windows and Cygwin/X. Does anyone know if there is any chance of 
> an exception to this?
This assumption does not completely work. Monochrome bitmaps have the 
reverse bit order in X11. I need to figure out if this is only true for 
monochome masks. I think the only other time it would matter is for a 
4-bit display, but I don't know if this would ever happen.

One thing that is a problem: If X Pixmaps and Win Bitmaps (excluding new 
RGBA icons) are stored in device-dependent format, what happens when the 
display depth gets changed while X is running?

If I start X, change the depth, then start an X app, the icon is 
mangled. So, I think we should always expand to DIB RGBA format, and 
avoid using DDBitmaps.

Can X RandR change depths? If so, is it not correctly tied in to Windows 
  Display changes?


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