redirecting sound

Alexander Gottwald
Sat May 28 21:27:00 GMT 2005

On Sat, 28 May 2005, Christopher Mark Conn wrote:

> I'm using Cygwin/X on my Win2K laptop to connect to
> my FreeBSD box and I'd like to redirect the sound
> from Rhythmbox (or other music players on the FreeBSD
> box) to the laptop.
> Here is how I connect from the Win2K laptop:
>    startx -> brings up an xterm
>    ssh <bsd box> on the xterm
>    run bsd commands on the xterm
> I can do this easily but the music now comes out of
> the speakers on the FreeBSD box. Since it's a wireless
> connection I'm not always where the speakers are.
> Thanks for any advice,

ESound (or ESD) is designed for this purpose. I think it is available 
as cygwin package. Check the documentation of that package on how to
setup the sound forwarding.

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