Attention libtool maintainer: Re: `make install' of glib fails

Franz Haeuslschmid
Fri May 27 06:50:00 GMT 2005

"Gerrit P. Haase" <> writes:

> Franz Haeuslschmid wrote:
>> "Gerrit P. Haase" <> writes:

[... Stupid me changing $LDFLAGS and installing `libtool' on my
     own ...]

> It was meant as a ping to the libtool maintainer.  Since there are
> always some Cygwin specific fixes in the libtool builds and we use
> a wrapper to call libtool-devel or libtool-stable according to the
> requested version in configure it is somewhat difficult to get this
> right for a standard Cygwin setup.

I see! Now I got it.

>> However, `autoreconf' still picks up the version that is
>> configured by the cygwin installer:
>>   haeuslsc@pan ~/Src/glib-2.6.4
>>   $ ./libtool --version
>> (GNU libtool) 1.5.10 (1.1220.2.131 2004/09/19  12:46:56)
> With ./ at the beginning of the line it will use the libtool generated
> during a previous configure run.

Well, I know that, I just wanted to point out, that `autoreconf'
still uses the `libtool' that is provided by cygwin itself.


>> error: possibly undefined macro: AC_LIBTOOL_WIN32_DLL
>> error: possibly undefined macro: AM_PROG_LIBTOOL
>> autoreconf: /usr/autotool/devel/bin/autoconf failed with exit status: 1
>> I'm still perplexed.
> Then the newer libtool wasn't installed correct.

I removed that version anyway. Gerrit, thank you for your
patience, with your aid, I finally managed to build `glib'.  As
it turned out later, I need to build `glib', this wish however
stays unfulfilled, because the build process fails due to
undefined references.  I started a new thread on this under


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