sshd and X

Alexander Gottwald
Wed May 25 15:15:00 GMT 2005

On Wed, 25 May 2005, Jean-Claude Gervais wrote:

> Thanks for trying, but it gives the same result.
> Maybe if I ask the question in a different way? Someone here MUST know
> this -
> How do you configure a Windows machine to receive ssh connections (done)
> and also run x applications and send the display back to the ssh client?
> Is there a how-to for this? I realize it is pretty specific to Cygwin/X

Setting up the X11 tunnel is a bit complicated as sshd must create an xauth 
cookie and ad it to ~/.Xauthorities. If this fails (either because xauth
was not found or some dll is not available or the like) x11 forwarding 
will most likely be disabled.

Maybe ssh -v -v -v wil give you a clue what is happening.

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