fedora project

Brian Dessent brian@dessent.net
Sat May 21 05:16:00 GMT 2005

kyle white wrote:

> Is it possible to run fedora project from cygwin?

Your question is too vague, but the answer is probably "no".

Cygwin gives you unix/posix compatibility at the source level, not the
binary level.  There is absolutely no way to run a binary that is
compiled for linux under cygwin, nor is there any (meaningful) way to
install a linux RPM.

If you mean, "I have a program that's included with fedora, that I'd
like to port to Cygwin by compiling from source" then the answer is,
"Yes, that will work fine but there can be be some compatibility
problems if the program was not written with portability in mind."

If you mean, "Can I run linux binaries?" then NO.

If you mean, "Can I run linux binaries on a remote machine but display
their X11 sessions on the Cygwin machine?", then yes, since Cygwin has a
X11 server.  The programs themselves are not running in Cygwin, though.

By the way, for questions not specific to X11 you should post to the
main cygwin list and not to this one.


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