base-files 3.4-2: Permission denied! froma startxwin.bat

Angelo Graziosi
Thu May 19 21:44:00 GMT 2005

On Thu, May 19,2005 08:34:14 John Morrison wrote

>On Thu, May 19, 2005 12:01 am, Angelo Graziosi said:
>> With this new release there is a
>>    Permission denied
>> when a NOT-ADMIN user starts the X system (startxwin.bat)
>>                       ====================
>> He has not access to remove .X11-unix (see startxwin.bat) when /tmp has
>> the "t" permission.
>> Every user (or only Administrator?) should remove manually .X11-unix
>> before the disconnetion from the machine.
>> In this case there is not "permission denied" for the simple user.
>> angelo.
>  Sorry, I don't use startxwin.bat, I can't help with that.  3.4-2 simply
>  2>/dev/null's the error, perhaps startxwin.bat should too?
>   J.

To hide, in "2>/dev/null's", the conflict between the necessity to have
"t" for /tmp and the fact that using CYGWIN by NOT-ADMIN. user does not
like this is not very exciting!

This can be accepted only as temporary patch waiting a more complete fix.

I do not know if "startxwin.bat", for NOT-ADMIN user,  should hide
"Permission denied" in "2>/dev/null's".

This should be fixed by "ago".


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