Popups popping through windows using built-in rootless WM

Nappi Chris-ra5809 Chris.Nappi@freescale.com
Thu May 19 16:40:00 GMT 2005

>> Hello all,
>> I have noticed that pop-up help balloons exhibit one or two problems >>(depending on the program) when using the built-in rootless WM:
>> Some balloons to not go to the background when a Windows window is >>brought to the front.
>> Other balloons actually come to the front when the mouse is over the >>object that creates them *through a Windows window*.  
>> I should note that the applications I am seeing this with are running on >>Solaris - I don't have any native Cygwin apps that have pop-up balloons.

>What programs are these? Is the problem reproducable with common 
>windowing toolkits like KDE, GTK, Xt or Motif?

>Otherwise it will be hard to determine how to fix this.

The programs I am using are Debussy (a silicon design tool which appears to be C/Motif?) and a proprietary Perl/TK program.

Luckily I found that the balloon.pl demo for Tk located in:
exhibits the problem.  

Launch that demo, look at where the "Menu button" button is, put IE(or whatever) in front and place the mouse over where the menu button is.  You should get a popup saying "Press and hold this button...".  

I verified this works when the balloon.pl script is run under Cygwin or Solaris.

Chris Nappi

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