mouse wheel not working with xterm

Alexander Gottwald
Thu May 19 09:59:00 GMT 2005

On Wed, 18 May 2005, jose isaias cabrera wrote:

> On 20:31 Wed 18 May     , Alexander Gottwald wrote:
> > 
> > The mouse driver configuration should provide a choice for this. I don't
> > know the driver for this kind so you're quite on your own there.
> what is the mouse driver that XWin uses? 

XWin uses no special mouse driver. 

> Perhaps I could use the
> microsoft default one and make it work.  Right now it is using the IBM
> ThinkPad driver, which could be the problem.  I found this on the
> xcygwin site:
> which says, to add a rp4table.dat or a tp4scrol.dat with some entries.

Actually it say to modify the file. I'm not sure if adding just these lines
is enough or if some important parts are missing (like the header for the
"Pass 0 rules" section)

> I did this and rebooted and still have the problem.  So, is there any
> other way to see the history (other than to pipe it to a file and read
> it through vim) using xterm?

shift-pageup and shift-pagedown. Or you can use the scrollbar on the left 
side (right click scrolls up, left click scrolls down, middle click sets 

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