mouse wheel not working with xterm

jose isaias cabrera
Wed May 18 22:06:00 GMT 2005

On 20:31 Wed 18 May     , Alexander Gottwald wrote:
> The mouse driver configuration should provide a choice for this. I don't
> know the driver for this kind so you're quite on your own there.

what is the mouse driver that XWin uses?  Perhaps I could use the
microsoft default one and make it work.  Right now it is using the IBM
ThinkPad driver, which could be the problem.  I found this on the
xcygwin site:

which says, to add a rp4table.dat or a tp4scrol.dat with some entries.
I did this and rebooted and still have the problem.  So, is there any
other way to see the history (other than to pipe it to a file and read
it through vim) using xterm?



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