Base-files 3.4-1: Problems for users with Non-Admin. priv.

Angelo Graziosi
Sun May 15 20:39:00 GMT 2005

When loging as user without admn. priv. 
(e.g.: owner= Graziosi, group= Users)
the standard bash shell (cygwin.bat) says:

   chmod: changing permissions of `/tmp': Permission denied

This is caused by

if [ -d "/tmp" ]; then
	chmod 1777 /tmp

in /etc/profile.

It assign the permission "t" to /tmp but this was already a problem
with xorg-x11-xwin- and org-x11-xwin-gl-
The next,, was released exactly to fix that problem.
The solution was to not assign the "t" permission to /tmp and 
to whatever it contans! 



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