Gnome and Cygwin/X

Mark Stuhr
Sat May 14 00:24:00 GMT 2005

I've looked around and the last comment I could find was from January to
the effect that the Gnome desktop wasn't included yet.  It looks to me
like it still isn't available, is that correct?

Anyone have any sense if it's coming soon?  Trying to figure out if I
should mess with the old versions from SourceForge or just be patient.

Also, I want to make sure I'm understanding.  The Gnome stuff that is
currently available through setup doesn't seem to have any function for
non-developers at this point, correct?  In other words, there is no actual
actual gnome functionality currently available even after you install all
things in the gnome section of setup, that's just installing stuff that
will be used when actual gnome desktop and apps come on line, correct?


Mark Stuhr
Director of Inf. Tech.

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