startxwin doesn't pop up terminal

Tim Day
Thu May 12 16:34:00 GMT 2005

Marcel wrote:

> I've been using cygwin and cygwin/x or at least an
> xterm by running the startxwin.bat provided by the
> default cygwin setup.exe. (on windows xp)
> Then I'm not sure what happened, I think I just
> reinstalled some packages with setup, in any event,
> when I now run startxwin.bat or if I try
> or startx or XWin.exe, I don't get a terminal or
> window pop up anymore. 

Exactly the same thing happened to me (on Win2K) a few weeks ago.
Used to work.  Then it didn't.  I'm not sure whether it
was a cygwin or graphics-card driver (ATI Radeon) update
that broke it.

I just dropped the -multiwindow option, ran the
openbox window manager and decided I preferred it
(but then I do use fluxbox on Linux).

I did spend a little time trying to fix it though;
putting a "-screen 0" into the XWin command line
somewhere (can't remember whether it was before or after
-multiwindow) would _sometimes_ work as expected (other
times it would still hang up with no xterm, don't know why).


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