rdesktop not finding X libs

David Rothenberger daveroth@acm.org
Sun May 8 15:25:00 GMT 2005

On 5/8/2005 7:08 AM, jose isaias cabrera wrote:
> I am trying to build rdesktop with cygwin.  (I have done this a week ago 
> with my computer at work.)  However, I am running into problems with my 
> home computer: it's not finding the X libraries, even though they are 
> there.  
> So, how can I fix it?  Again, I really don't know where to go from here, 
> but apparently, cygwin's setup utility is not updating the libraries as 
> it should.
> Any ideas?

Search for "Checking for X" in config.log. It should show you the 
program it compiled and ran to check for the X libraries. It may give 
you a clue as to what's wrong with your configuration.

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