Setting DISPLAY for multiple screens
Thu May 5 19:21:00 GMT 2005

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I've been trying to get Xterm to open a new window on my machine and
is working.  I am on a XP Pro and connecting to a sun.  Here is the
output I 
get, and it looks like it should work, but my DISPLAY is never set once
I ssh 
in, and thus I can't open any windows.

user1@MyXPMachine ~

$ echo $DISPLAY

user1@MyXPMachine ~

$ ssh -v -Y

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First you just run Cygwin server locally, for example 'xwin -clipboard
-screen 0 -screen 1' should open own windows for local screens 0:0 and

I can only say, that I am using the Putty SSH client to connect from
Win2000 to Sun Solaris. Using the 'Connection/SSH/Tunnels/X display
location' field it is possible to set both display and screen. Default
is ':0.0'. Using for example '0:1' of course means display two and
screen one. Oh yeah, you also need to check the 'Enable X11 forwarding'


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