"Linux @ home -> Cygwin X server @ home" won't work

seya seya@u01.gate01.com
Tue May 3 04:09:00 GMT 2005

Hello all,

I encountered a XWindow problem which I never experienced before. I'm
trapped with this problem for the last four days; I need your help ( BTW
I've been using XWindow with Cygwin on WinXP for few years ).

[ Problem ]
When I use Cygwin X server on my notebook PC at home connected to a Linux
machine at office via VPN, it works fine. However, when I use the same
Cygwin X server connected to a Linux machine at home locally, it won't work.

In short, "Linux @ office -> Cygwin X server @ home" does work but "Linux @
home -> Cygwin X server @ home" won't work.

[ Operations ]
Following is the description of what I operated for both sides :

=== Cygwin X server @ home ===
I started X server with "startx " command. Then I issued "xhost +" to
disable access control so that any host can connect to this X server

=== Linux @ home ===
I exported DISPLAY and issued "xeyes&" like below :

# export DISPLAY=
# xeyes&
# netstat -a | grep x11
tcp  0   1      SYN_SENT

As you can see the request is sent to Cygwin X server (

Please help me to get our of his hell. I appreciate your help.

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