Cannot connect to a Sun server using xterm

Alexander Gottwald
Mon May 2 13:25:00 GMT 2005

On Mon, 2 May 2005, Henry Camacho wrote:

> I've done the following using our Sun hosts with success...
>  ssh -Y -l root <sunhost> 

Right. But using root for doing non-administrative tasks is a high
security risk. 

> > xterm -e ssh -Y userid@<sun-host> <sun-host> & 

What does this mean:

- start xterm (in the background)
- in xterm start ssh to host sun-host with user userid
- on sunhost start command sunhost

the last part is the problem

$ xterm -e ssh -Y userid@<sun-host> &

should work much better

> > xterm -e ssh userid@<sun-host> -Y <sun-host> & replied to the password
> > request, and the X window from the Sun server closed too.
> after ssh failed, the xterm is closed because it was not interactive.
> You should try starting ssh from the cygwin prompt first. This will keep
> the error message.
> open cygwin prompt
> $ ssh userid@<sun-host> -Y <sun-host> &

Oops this should be 

$ ssh -Y userid@sun-host

or like mentioned above

$ ssh -Y -l userid sun-host

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