problems with xfree86 and x11 in Cygwin on notebook

René Berber
Sat Dec 31 21:28:00 GMT 2005

Daniel wrote:

> Thank you for giving me the possibility to post the startx output.

Your log looks fine, no problems there.

> Actually I am able to start the xserver and to start applications like nedit
> on my own localserver ( But I am not able to start the X11 forwarding
> and to get Terminals through ssh or telnet connections from other server even
> when I have added them with xhost.

That's a very different problem.

After you login to the remote machine execute "echo $DISPLAY", it usually is
wrong or at least that is my experience when using "ssh -X user@remotehost" to a
Solaris server... I even put into the remote machine's .bashrc :

if [ $TERM = 'rxvt' ]; then
    TERM=xterm; export TERM
if [ $TERM = 'xterm' ]; then
    DISPLAY=`who am i | cut -f2 -d'(' | cut -f1 -d')'`:0.0;  export DISPLAY

Test it before you use it; as I said this was for a Solaris server (which didn't
know what a rxvt term was), it may not work on other Unix version.

René Berber

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