Can't launch an xterm under windows xp-pro

Greg Moore
Thu Dec 29 16:50:00 GMT 2005


Thank you very much for your reply.

As it turns out, uninstalling, as opposed to simply disabling,
McAfee's personal firewall and privacy servies, which came pre-
-installed with the system, allowed all to work fine.

I suspect the problem I ran in to is the same one experienced
by others, most recently Sheng Lin's of Dec 27 (his system, and
symptoms, appear to be almost identical to mine.)

Again, thank you very much, and best regards,

p.s.  My utmost thanks to all involved with the Cygwin XFree86
project -- it's fabulous!!

>>> I'm having trouble launching an xterm (indeed, any windows manager)
>>> under windows xp-"professional" and am hoping for even the smallest
>>> clues as to where I might go next.
> Xterm is not a window manager.
>>> startwinx.bat produces only the message, "startxwin.bat - Starting
>>> on Windows NT/200/XP/2003"
>>> Other than an xserver icon in the taskbar ("Cygwin/X Server - 0:0"),
>>> nothing else seems to happen.
> Have you tried to open the Xterm after running startxwin.bat?
> How are you running Xterm?  From the start -> Programs -> Cygwin-X menu?
>>> After consulting the cygwin-x-ug, the cygwin-x-faq, and searching
>>> the archives I've tried the following, and all combinations thereof:
>>> 1. launching the xserver and a windows manager separately.  "xwin"
>>> does produce a fullscreen server window, but it's transparent and,
>>> though it can be minimised, just then sits in the taskbar.  The
>>> other window managers I've tried (twm, openbox) exhibit the same
>>> behaviour as xterm; though they show up as running processes,
>>> nothing is displayed.
>>> 2. checked /etc/hosts/ to ensure that localhost is indeed
>>> 3. made sure /tmp is in binmode
>>> 4. not running Zone Alarm
>>> 4. disabled all McAfee SecurityCenter "features"
>>> Any advice or leads very much appreciated.
>>> Best regards,
> In your home directory, do you have a .xinitrc?
> If nothing works you should look into the log produced by Xwin, it's in
> /tmp/XWin.log.
> -- René Berber 

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