How do I make DOS scripts to start X applications?

Thierry Pirot
Thu Dec 22 23:05:00 GMT 2005

Scott writes:

> Once I've started X, I wish to have icons I can click on to start up X
> applications via commands I devise myself, for example, custom xterms or
> emacs windows on various nodes using ssh. I know the commands to do what
> I want, just need to know how to embed them in a DOS script that I can
> click on.  

Here's the kind of script I use on XP :

$cat dvi.bat 
: You DnD or associate extensions to this .bat to open a file in Xdvi's.  

set EXE=xdvi -display
cd %~p1
run bash.exe -c " %EXE% '%~n1%~x1' "

> Could someone help me out? Thanks!
Don't know if that's what you need, 
there are cases where it fails but I think it may help 
( took me months to find this solution )-:
   Take it Easy          Don't worry            Be Happy



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