problems with xfree86 and x11 in Cygwin on notebook

René Berber
Thu Dec 22 18:19:00 GMT 2005

Daniel Schulte wrote:

> I have tried to install cygwin-x today on my notebook, but it failed
> unfortunately.  The installation process was ok, but I am not able to
> set a display resp. to initialize a x-server. I think that my graphic
> ship SIS 650 is the problem. But I don't know how to configure the X11
> enviroment of cygwin-xfree, so that the x-server will run and that I
> will be able to connect myself with my notebook to another Unix-server
> and to work with emacs or nedit on my laptop. The same installation on a
> PC with a more common graphic.ship was successful.
> Does anyone have an idea, which file I have to configure and which
> settings I have to use, so that the X-server will work?

All configuration is done in the parameters, as you can see in the messages that
appear starting X:

(II) XF86Config is not supported
(II) See for more information

Could you post the output of running startx?  The part about
"winDetectSupportedEngines ..." or just below that should indicate what is the
René Berber

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