Two old X11 problems

Alan Hourihane
Tue Dec 20 23:08:00 GMT 2005

On Tue, 2005-12-20 at 18:55 -0400, Rodrigo Medina wrote:
> Hi,
> I will refer to two issues that have been around from two years, they are
> more
> X11 problems than Cygwin/X problems, but as I understand you Cygwin/X people
> are  close to the people that can fix them.
> 1- The xman program is not compatible with new versions of man. The
>    program should be modified in order to call nroff with the -c option.
>    See:
> 2- The us_intl keyboard of X11 is very limited. It doesn't have dead
> accents,
>    and lacks of reversed "!" and reversed "?". The Windows US international
>    layout is much better. A us_intl_win layout has been proposed that
> functions
>    like the Windows US-international.
>    See:

Any bugs like this or Cygwin/X specific bugs too, can be filed at the
Xorg bug database on 

and choose xorg as the package. 

It would also be useful for those who actually produce patches to file
bug reports and attach patches to fix problems so that they can be
tracked accordingly.



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