pager and virtual desktops

Soong, SylokeJ
Tue Dec 20 22:20:00 GMT 2005

At first, I was wondering if you meant using SNPP to switch desktops.
(Why would anyone want to use telephony to manage a cygwin screen?)
I guess that is not your intent.

I am guessing you are not using multi-windows.

Do you already run twm rather than the default window manager?
I have twm create the number of desktops I need.

Through prior help from people on this list - Alternatively,
I could also run two displays on a cygwin server process
or two single-display cygwin server processes.
Then I use an Win/XP multi-desktop software,
and place each cygwin display window on separate multi-desks.

The links attached by cygwin list server at the end of every email
would lead you to manuals to show how to run multiple display windows
or multiple cygwin servers. Otherwise, someone on the list would
be able write out a short routine to illustrate.

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My next question on cygwin is to do with pagers and virtual desktops.
On my regular linux boxes, I run virtual desktops using a pager to
switch between them.
Is this possible under cygwin?

Kind regards.


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