Extraneous key autorepeat w/ remote desktop

Kenneth Corbin kencx@peak.org
Sat Dec 17 21:18:00 GMT 2005

Hi folks,

Very nice product.  It's going up against Reflection/X on my desktop and is 
for the most part wining.  But there one annoying problem.

When I remote desktop to a remote Windows system and run Cygwin/X from the 
remote system, any communication delays while typing over the remote desktop 
network are interpreted as one long keypress.  Which in turn triggers the 
keystroke auto repeat and feeds a bunch of extra keystrokes into my input 
stream.  I've tried playing with the autorepeat settings.  Turning it off 
altogether fixes the problem, but isn't very convenient when I want to enter 
a lot of the same keystroke, for example when moving the text cursor around.  
Setting up a long initial delay helps some, but communication delays can 
sometimes last for 5-10 seconds, far longer than I am willing to wait for 
autorepeat to trigger in normal use.

I've also tried running Cygwin/X on the local system and talking to an X 
client on remote systems.  This works, but has some unacceptable delays and 
problems with the VPN I have to run through.  Right now it's kind of a tossup 
whether it is more annoying to put up with the delays with a local X server, 
or deal with the extra keystroke with a remote X server.

I not sure what, if anything, can be done to detect and avoid remote desktop 
communication delays.  But Reflection/X never has this problem, so there must 
be some way to do it.

Thanks for listening,

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