q. on Windows integration

Wladimir Mutel mwg@mwg.dp.ua
Thu Dec 15 07:29:00 GMT 2005


	1. Is it possible for Cygwin X server to use native raster and 
	ttf fonts provided by enclosing Windows environment ? If not, 
	what scale of changes would be required to implement this ? 
	What subsystems and libraries should be touched ?

	2. Is it possible to derive XKB settings from existing keyboard
	layout settings already done in Windows ? I.e., use the same
	layout set and switching rules as other Windows apps do ? If
	not, the question again is - what modules should be reworked,
	and to what extent ?

	Thank you in advance for your replies. I think these changes
	could be useful for users and make Cygwin/X more
	natively-looking&behaving Windows application. Btw, rootless 
	mode is	great ! If it proved to be implementable, these 
	font/xkb integrations should be as well.

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