scribus: cygjpeg-62.dll not found

Erich Dollansky
Sat Dec 10 02:14:00 GMT 2005


thanks for your help.

I found out that the package I needed war not available at the original 

Christopher Faylor wrote:
>>after installing Scribus from, I
>>get the error message that cygjpeg-62.dll is missing.
> If you visit, you can find the package that
> contains the missing file.  Then you can use setup.exe to install it.

I used then to get the missing file.

The new problem is now that Scribus consumes all of the CPU time and 
does not show up at all.

I also noticed the .qt directory in the home directory of the user is 
empty. Shouldn't there be some kind of settings stored?

Do I have to run first some kind of desktop to get Scribus running?


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