Mutex init failure trying to run Scribus

René Berber
Sat Dec 10 02:12:00 GMT 2005

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Yaakov S (Cygwin Ports) wrote:
> René Berber wrote:
> FWIW, I'm just running with CYGWIN=server.

I copied that along with setting cygserver and it made no difference.

>> Thanks.  I'll report later if I find something.

I tried using cygwin1.dll version 1.5.18 and it works just like you said.  Then
I downloaded the latest snapshot, version 20051207, and scribus fails as before
(no error messages, the one I used as subject is only a warning, nothing).

I could not build qt3 with debug enabled because the build also fails with a
mutex problem.  The program uic runs many times in the build succesfully but
once it gets stuck with a "Mutex init failure: Invalid argument".

I'm unable to use gdb, every time I try gdb on scribus the program is killed at
the beginning (before the splash screen appears) while setting a pthread.

In the code (src/tools/qmutex_unix.cpp), as you have already said, the "Mutex
..." messages are only warnings so they were not related to my original problem,
the program should run but it doesn't with a recent cygwin1.dll.  But those
messages and the uic hanging do point out that there are problems with pthreads
as used by qt3.

I haven't seen if the changes to qt from 3.3.4 to 3.3.5 and to 4.0.1 address any
of these problems.

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René Berber
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