Is Cygwin/X compatible with HP's mwm?

Igor Pechtchanski
Fri Dec 2 01:40:00 GMT 2005

On Thu, 1 Dec 2005, km4hr wrote:

> Is Cygwin/X compatible with the mwm (Motif Window Manager) that comes
> with HPUX 10.20?  Or is Cygwin/X only supposed to work with Linux? I
> have an application that works fine with Redhat's X server, Exceed, and
> Reflections, but not Cygwin/X.  I was hoping to use Cygwin/X instead of
> the commercial X servers. But Cygwin/X doesn't communicate with mwm.
> I've been trying for days but it's just not working. Application windows
> all appear normal in Cygwin/X but there is no interaction with the
> window manager. For example, I can't move windows on the screen. The
> last window created is the only one that gets "focus". Clicking on the
> others does nothing. Window manager pull down menus don't display. In
> short, there is no interaction at all between Cygwin/X and the mwm
> window manager. Is anyone out there using Cygwin/X successfully in this
> environment? Does anyone know if Cygwin/X has been tested with HP's mwm?
> I also tried the twm window manager that comes with HPUX 10.20.  Is
> doesn't work right either. The problems are similar but not exactly the
> same. In the case of twm an outline of the last window created is
> attached to the mouse pointer. Clicking on the desktop causes the window
> to be completed and appear normal.  I am able to interact with the
> window manager after that. But what's going on with this weird behavior?

Hard to say without any information on how you start the X server[*].  A
couple of WAGs: don't run the X server in multiwindow mode (or you'll get
two window managers trying to outdo each other), and check that your
NumLock is not on.  Also, are you connecting to the HPUX machine via ssh?
If so, read
[*] It's recommended that you attach /tmp/XWin.log from the failed session.
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