Version 1.5.11-1 error starting emacs

Lou Rosas
Sat Oct 30 06:56:00 GMT 2004

I don't know if this has been reported or not, and I
don't kinow if this is the group I should ask this
question.  I have looked through the archives, and
could find nothing that addresses this issue.  I
downloaded the entire cygwin packeges:  including the
cygwin/X packages.  I only downloaded the default
shells and default databases.  But everything else was
a complete download.  When I try to start Xemacs in
mwm, I get the following (abreviated) message in a
windows dialog box:  "The dynamic link library
cygdb-4.1.dll could not be found in <Specified path>
".  If I downloaded everything, what am I missing?  I
for the dll's, and I found they were represented in
the path, but found a cygdb-4.2.dll.  What do I need
to do differently, if I am downloading everything?

Thank you,

Lou Rosas
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